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About Us is Nigeria’s no.1 online spare parts website company providing customers with daily price information on various spare part products and a safe and guaranteed environment where they can purchase their products online.


Before now, buying spare parts online was literally impossible because the market was so unstructured and polarized. Many parts were not available online and the dealers were not willing to provide the much-needed information to helping customers. What we have done as a company, is to organize these spare parts in a way that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere in the country and beyond to find what they are looking for and buy from us directly.

We started out in September 1, 2016 as one of the few companies providing complete information on various spare parts via the internet to customers and grew from a handful of spare part items to our robust collection of existing products. Our goal has always been to be the one-stop shop for online spare parts resource information and purchase. We believe in empowering customers with enough information and protecting them from financial loss by buying through us.


Value Creation
By doing this, we have provided a way of giving real value to customers who prior to this time were at the mercy of their mechanic or spare part dealer. We have successfully shifted the bargaining power to the customers by arming them with prices before they even start purchasing any product.

Another major feat we have been able to accomplish is in the area of providing guaranty to customers who buy our products. This has proven particular useful for customers, who were skeptical about goods coming from Ladipo. When you buy spare part products from us, you are allowed to return them within one-week and get a replacement, if the product is found to be non-functional or non-suitable for your vehicle.

Why Buy From Us?

100% Guaranty

Yes! We offer you an opportunity to return non-functional spare parts purchased from us within one week and we change it immediately for you.


We know the well established names or brands in the market and can help you get the right parts from trusted vendors who are good.

Track Record

We are Nigeria’s no.1 spare parts online website with a track record for rendering unparalleled service in the Nigerian Industry.

About Us

We are Nigeria's No.1 spare parts online website providing with information on auto spare parts pricing and making it easy and convenient for you to buy anything online.
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