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Hazael Investment Limited

08039336303, 08087131540, 07041600224

Dealers in all kinds of Japanese Motor Spare Parts such as Fuel Pump, Fuel Gauge, Brain Box & Kick etc.

Egwueji Investment Limited


Dealers in Toyota, Honda brands of engines. We stock various types of spare parts based on your needs.

Ontex Investment Nigeria

08037342267, 08094147314

Dealers in various types of engines and gear boxes. Toyota, Honda, Nissan Brands is our specialty.

Harry Author Investment


We deal in various brands such as Honda, Acura, Nissan & Toyota Brands. Give us a call today.

Blessed Ike Ventures Limited


We deal in all things Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan. For more on our spare parts, please call us.

Amason Unic Interbiz Limited

08033011271, 08051908344

Importers and distributors of AC, Gas, Compressors, Evaporators, Dryers, Condensers and Oil filters/gauges.

Divine Author Investment Nigeria Limited

08135169844, 07068919105

We provide the best spare part brands for all types of Toyota, Nissan and Honda vehicles.

Anyinwata Investment Limited


We only stock the best types of engines and spare parts. Our brands are Toyota, Nissan, Honda & Mercedes Benz.

Blessed Obyno Investment Nigeria Limited

08167251582, 08187286496

Dealers in the best brands ranging from Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Acura, Nissan to German Brands.

Hillamone Investment Nigeria Ltd


Importers and Dealers in all Japanese and German Brands of spare parts.

De Don Investment Nigeria Limited

08066107737, 08097600026

We deal in Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other various brands. To find out more, call us.

Blessed Tony Jar International Limited

07064920244, 08181257135, 08060077377

General Merchant and dealers in Toyota and Honda spare parts.

Gostick Investment Limited

08033052748, 07083445499, 07042687367

We stock and sell Automobile Engine & Used Parts. Call us today for more information.

Joel Business Concerns Limited

08084047609, 08088008366, 07043176680

Dealers in the best auto spare parts at affordable prices. Give us a call today.

Keteliv Ventures Limited

08025277202, 08034178431, 08081131647

Importers and Dealers in all types of Japanese spare part brands. For more info, call us.

Blessed Sunny Nigeria Co.

08063028159, 08023953847

Dealer in all kinds of Pathfinder auto spare parts (exclusively Pathfinder).

Esere Investment Limited

07064375505, 08038235102

We deal in various types of auto spare part brands. For more info, call us today.

Ebuka Obidike Enterprises Nigeria Limited

09024822425, 08168969808

Importers and distributors of various Japanese auto spare part brands.

D.N.O. Investment


We stock and sell the best auto spare parts in Ladipo International Market.

M.C. Investment

08139732810, 08038804875

Dealers in all types of auto spare part brands for Toyota and Honda cars.

K-Ceem Motors Limited

08033922472, 08186585382

We only stock the best types of engines and spare parts. Our brands are Toyota, Nissan, Honda & Mercedes Benz.

Emmy White Business Link Limited


Dealers in Toyota spare part brands and other major spare parts such as Nissan and Honda.

D’Eagles Point Investment Limited

08035858526, 08053367846

Importers & Distributors of affordable auto spare parts within Ladipo, Lagos.

Ebuka Investment Nigeria Limited


Dealers in Toyota, Nissan and Honda brands. For more info you can reach us on our mobile.

Edimikes Longevity Investment Limited

08035766381, 08188030128

We stock and sell various spare parts ranging from Toyota to Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi brands.

Blessed Isaac Investment Limited

07061999929, 09023028456

Dealers in Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Acura Brands. We stock and sell within Ladipo, Lagos.

Izumaco Investment Nigeria Limited


Dealers in auto spare parts and general auto repairs. For more info call us today.

A.J. Investment Limited

08062796370, 08179891725, 07033172908

We sell, stock and distribute auto spare parts, especially Japanese brands.

Divine Favour Investment Limited


Dealers in various auto spare parts. Come, buy from us today.

COO Investment Limited

08033616710, 08057647738, 07083210784

Importers, distributors of all things Toyota and Honda. Get the best parts here.

Jude Investment Limited


For your Honda, Acura auto spare parts. Call us today.

Hanckon Continental


For your Mitsubishi, Pathfinder and Toyota brands. We deal on the best spare parts.

Maria Mater Dei Limited

08064977970, 08097658262

Dealers in various types of engines and gear boxes. Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan Brands is our specialty.

Chibest Holdings


We only stock the best types of engines and spare parts. Our brands are Toyota, Nissan, Honda & Mercedes Benz.

Godsecret Investment Limited

08137606000, 08080037227

Dealers in the best brands ranging from Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Acura, Nissan to German Brands.

Onyema Johnson Investment Limited

08069537588, 08181011477

We deal in all things Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan. For more on our spare parts, please call us.

Jipon International


We sell all kinds of car fan belts, pk belts, timing belts for any kind of car and industrial belts.

Nimodalle Enterprises Limited


We are your one-stop auto store for your genuine, new and used parts. Get direct contact with the importer, no middle me...

Abayomi Anthonio


Auto Part Dealer

Advanced Auto Parts And Car Dealer


Dealer In All Nissan, Toyota, Mazda Parts.

Aliyu Mohammed Auto


Our company is a well registered company that sells all kinds of vehicles in Nigeria. We deliver cars to any part of Nig...

Louis Mikki Investment


Dealers on all types of engine sitting. Get the best from us today at affordable prices.

Sayap Global Enterprises


We deal in repairs and re-programming of all types of car software.

Moh Tolani


Dealer in all types of automobile spare parts and general merchandise. Call us today for any services you require.

Dramos Akesan


Mercedes Benz Parts

Olayode Oluseun Enterprises


We specialize in the supply of Mazda car parts. For more inquiries you can reach us on our contact details.

Volts Engineering Services


Deal In Japanese And Volkswagen Parts

Bonark International Company Limited


We’re Certified Dealers In All Major Toyota Spare Parts With A Solid Reputation For Accountability Of Customer Ser...

Acenan Enterprise


We Deal With All Kind Of Automobile Goods

Evinco Fleet


Evinco Fleet Management Deal With Car Taxi, Such As Online Taxi Service In Abuja

Kater Automobile Limited


We deal in different car parts for various vehicles.

Chika Peter Autos


We specialize in various motor parts depending on your needs.

Awe Muyiwa Global


We are a global auto company and we sell general auto merchandise.

Kelvinkeez Autos


We import marine and auto spare parts from Taiwan.

Micko Enterprises


We deal in various automobile spare parts.

Stainless Parts


We sell spare parts at Banex for Japanese & Mercedes cars.

Mikki Investment

08149972564, 08181969288

We deal in all types of engine mount (sitting) for all types of vehicles.

Sodaphil Investments Ltd


We are into Auto dealership for all types of vehicles.

Mtx Used Auto Parts


We provide wholesale parts for Honda, Toyota, Kia, Ford, Volkswagen, Benz – engine, transmissions any other parts.

Darian Enterprise


We are involved in transportation and spare parts.

Uche Big Honda


We sell Honda & genuine tokunbo parts for cars.

American Durabilt Inc


We are exporters of auto parts of all kinds.

Blb Integrated Concept Ltd


We are into General Contracting And General Supplies. We are also into auto spare parts and mechanic. Call us today on 0...

KC Companies


We are into spare parts for various cars.

Pebnic Venture Ltd


We deal In fork lift service. We also sell fork lift, spare parts for TCM, Hyster, Toyota, Nippon and lot more.

Parklight Technologies


We are engaged in automobile engineering solution for various cars & vehicles.

Auto Solution Engineering Service


We specialize in providing auto engineering solution for various cars & vehicles.

Eminent Automobile


I handle and focus on spare parts for most Automobiles.

Mark Joe Cars And Spare Parts Delears


Mark Joe Cars and Spare Parts Dealers is a private owned company that is involved in the sale of cars, head lights, engi...



We deal in the sale of original spare parts for various types of vehicles.

Sam Banks


We are major dealers in all kinds of spare parts for various automobiles/vehicles.

T-Boy Auto Spare Parts


We sell all Japanese and American engines and automobile body parts.

Obi Power Steering


We sell all types of power steering pump for Japanese and Mercedes cars.

Autorhymes Global Ventures


We specialize in spark plugs for Japanese vehicles such as Toyota genuine spark plugs, denso spark plugs, ngk spark plug...

Jopatedric Limited


We deal in various types of automobile parts for various vehicles.

Hannsan Auto Shop


We deal in various types of car accessories.

Broadcom Solutions


We are into the supplies and panel beating for various types of vehicles.

Sharafi General Trading Co. LLC


We are into the sale of all kinds of car bearing for both Japanese brands, US brands and China brands such as Koyo, NTN,...

Tunde Gbadamosi Auto Spare Parts


We are a reputable automotive spare parts dealer selling all kinds of auto parts that are durable and efficient.

JM Bomars International Ltd


We are into Auto dealership for various types of vehicles.

Kingsco Spare Parts


Our company sells motor spare parts for various types of vehicles.

Auto Parts CPT


We are into the sale of new and used car parts as well as head lamps, tail lights, mirrors and wheel caps.

Mocai Nigeria Limited


We provide spare parts for volvo cars nationwide.

Morrowind Nig Ltd


We specialize in spare parts for Toyota and Lexus cars.



We are manufacturers and exporters of shock absorber parts for vehicles. We are based in China.

Jveekson Global Ventures


I deal on lubricants and cars.

Chydo Honda Engines


I specialize in honda engines.

Rapito Auto Ventures

08060529445, 08122911387

Dealers in tokunbo shock absorbers, hubs, driving shaft, lower arms, beams, brake disc, brake pads, linkages, adjustment...

Itz Izutex International Auto Casse


We deal in the sale of all kinds of Japanese fairly used spare parts for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda e.t.c

Batuphyl Nigeria Limited


We sell cars, engines, and mostly varieties of car parts.

Jy Investment Limited


We are auto part dealers based in Ijanikin, Lagos.

Cj Gear Box Autos Specialist


We are dealers in gear boxes for various vehicles and also specialize in fixing, maintenance and repairs of both manual ...

Kings Automobile


We sell all kinds of automobile car electrical/electronics, sensors, headlights, rear lights, traffickers and bulbs. Con...

Cee Nonso Investment Nigeria Ltd

08033071240, 08092403189

We are award winning dealers in all brands of Toyota & Japanese auto spare parts.

KCJ Investment


We were established in 2012 and we deal on Toyota engines, gears and bottom-plate (engine) spare parts.

KC Investment Limited


We are dealers in tokunbo Toyota engines and gear boxes, kick starters and alternators for all vehicles.

Euro Luxury


We deal in various types of tokunbo auto spare parts.

M. D. & Sons Trading Company


We are a crankshaft company and we sell all types of crankshaft for Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai ca...

Gy Huayuan Auto Part Co. Ltd

+86 15617716323

We provide brake lining, brake pads, brake shoe, and their production line machines.

Radiant Glow Innovations


We deal in auto spare parts and car ac spare parts.

Richie Tyres Limited


We sell all sizes of used tires (grade one) only.

Ugo Iky Limited


We deal in all Japanese engine and engine spare parts.

Benz Chamber


Dealers in original Mercedes Benz spare parts and accessories both new and tokunbo.

Kings Wealth Int’l Agency


We provide general accessories for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda based on demand.

Olawole Autos


Dealers in clean and neat tokunbo Toyota vehicles.

Blaiseelink Limited


We are dealers in all genuine motor parts & accessories for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda etc.

Mac Mekyson Limited


Our company Mac Auto World are dealers in all Toyota and Lexus auto spare parts (London used).

Obitex Automobile Company Limited


Obitex automobile company limited is a sole importer of kick-starters, alternators, batteries, gear boxes, engines etc.

Tobechukeu Ventures


We are dealers in various types of auto spare parts.

Rapito Automobiles Ventures


We sell original Tokunbo Japanese motor spare parts (underneaths) for cars like Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, KIA, Hyundai, Hon...

Nc Corporate


We are dealers in Honda motor spare parts.

Vehicle Hub Limited


We are into vehicle diagnostics, keys and brain-box programming.

Peter And Sons


We are into automobile fixing and maintenance. We are situated at Apata area of Ibadan. You can send us an email at kabo...

Elite Empire


We are into various types of mechanical/automobile services.

Keystone Auto Spare Parts Trading Llc


We are dealers in all types of cars, trucks, racing car spare parts and performance parts. We also sell truck spare part...

Legend Motors


Legend Motors is conveniently located in the heart of Lagos. We are a high-quality automotive shop that specializes in a...

Jpen Autos


At Jpen Autos, we are into verified Nigerian used cars and foreign used (USA) cars.

Okeke And Son


We are into sale of Honda Accord spare parts.

Jopegra Integrated Concepts


We are dealers on various types of automobile parts.

Andrew Ojieh Auto Parts


We are automobile spare part dealers based in Adolor, Benin City. Edo State.

CarHunt Japan


We are into purchase of used cars, trucks and machinery. We are also into exporting used cars & trucks as well as au...

Infinity Multi Service Company


We are into the selling of shaft and other motor parts for various types of vehicles.

Nifeson Trading Company


We are into the sale of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda & Polo spare parts.

Olalekan Oladipo Auto


We specialize in parts for various types of Automobile.

Sambros Volvo


We are into the sale of Volvo parts such as engines, lights, shocks, bumpers, doors, radios and various others. We ensur...



We sell tokunbo Japanese engines and gear boxes.

Yetola Ventures


We are into vehicle sales and services.

Tombies Ltd


We sell Toyota corolla spare parts.

Kingsim Solutions


We provide various types of automobile solutions.

Bally Autocare


We are into buying and selling of spare parts. Customers can make orders and we procure the parts and supply to them. Ou...

Liveface Int. Ltd


We are into the sale of various types of automobile engines.

Frank Best


We sell Toyota auto spare parts.

Magtongs Global Ventures


Dealers in all types of Japanese auto spare parts.

Stansyv Nig Ltd


We provide automobile spare parts for various types of vehicles.

Dimtex Limited


We are into the sale of auto spare parts needed for personal use

Osasco Autos


We provide auto mechanic repairs for various types of vehicles.

Btt-Eas Nigeria Ltd


We are importers of bulk spare parts from USA. We buy cars and strip off the parts for import into Nigeria.

Oluwa Motor Services


We sell lightly used parts from the USA. We also sell brand new parts to interested customers.

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